What if you lost your job and were unable to buy groceries?

Or were diagnosed with a serious medical illness and didn’t have medical insurance to afford treatment?

What if you were unable to pay for a family member’s funeral?


When life takes an unexpected turn, The Meetings Industry Fund is there with an immediate lifeline. We provide confidential financial assistance to those individuals in crisis who are directly involved in the planning, execution, delivery and support of meetings.

We need your help to continue to give back and support our industry.

Any dollar amount donation provides tremendous help to someone in crisis.

Know someone who is facing a crisis? Refer a friend. All information is kept in the strictest confidence.

Join the many showing their generosity and dedication in different ways. Together we make a bigger impact.

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When you donate to The Meetings Industry Fund, this is how we help.

Posted by The Meetings Industry Fund on Monday, August 28, 2017